Description of the COMPTEL exposure plots for the combined phases

The combined COMPTEL exposure plots show the calculated effective exposure of the sky as observed by the COMPTEL instrument onboard CGRO.

The effective exposure takes into account

To calculate the exposure of a certain region of the sky (sky pixel), the effective exposure which is given for the pointing direction of the observation has to be folded with the response function of COMPTEL.

The response function of COMPTEL is triangle-shaped with a linear decrease from a maximum at the pointing direction to zero response at a distance of 50 degrees from the pointing direction.

A typical maximum effective exposure is about 40 % per observation, if the viewing direction of COMPTEL is in the orbital plane of CGRO. The average effective viewing per observation is about 30 %.

Plots have been scaled individually so that black is always identical to zero observation, and white is adjusted to the maximum effective exposure of this very plot.

The maps are in galactic coordinates and AITOFF projection.

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